Happy Easter Catered By Us

This Easter, treat yourself to some local fuss free meals catered by us at Main and Market. All orders must be received by Wednesday, April 5th, 2023 at 10am. Curbside pick-up is available on Saturday, April 8th between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm. Delivery is available on April 8th for $45.00 locally between 8am and 5pm. If you have any questions about your order, please email or call us.

Easter Catering Menu

Breakfast Menu

Fresh Pastries
Assorted Petite Mini Muffins $15.00 per dozen
Large Cinnamon Rolls $16.00 for four pack

Chesapeake Breakfast Torte (serves 10-12) $95.00
Layers of Crab, Egg, Cheese, Bacon, Hash Browns, Tomatoes and Onions Wrapped in Puff Pastry with Hollandaise served on the side

Crème Brulé French Toast Bread Pudding (½ pan serves 10-12) $45.00
Cinnamon Bread Baked in an Egg Caramel Custard with Syrup and Butter

Quiché (Deep Dish, serves 8-12)
Lorraine (Bacon & Swiss) or Florentine $52.50
Crab and Asparagus $65.00


$45.00 (Serves 10 – 12 People)

Spring Salad
Baby Spinach and Mixed Greens, Mandarin Oranges, Blueberries, Sliced Almonds and Goat Cheese with a Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette

Main & Market Salad
Mixed Greens, Fresh Berries, Toasted Sunflower Seeds and Gorgonzola Cheese with Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette

Main Course


Maple Orange Glazed Spiral Ham $105.00
(approximately 7 lbs)

Molasses Glazed Ham (serves 10 people) $60.00
(Sliced and plattered)

6-8lbs. Bacon Wrapped Boneless Pork Loin (serves 15-20) $64.00
with Peach Bourbon Sauce


Whole Salmon Wellington with Artichoke Hearts, Leeks and Sun Dried Tomatoes (serves 8-10) $140.00
wrapped in Puff Pastry with Mustard Dill


Roasted Beef Tenderloin $240.00
with Dried Cherries and Smoked Gorgonzola


Wild Mushroom Ragout (serves 12) $88.00
in Light Gorgonzola Cream, served with Polenta Cakes

* All items will be sent in aluminum pans for simple re-heating and clean up

Fuss-Free Meals

Easter Brunch

Maryland Fried Chicken Biscuits with Sweet Pepper Jelly

Deviled Eggs with Jumbo Lump Crab & Sprinkle of Old Bay

Applewood Smoked Salmon with Bagels and Whipped Cream Cheese, Chopped Tomato, Onion and Capers
Craisin Chicken Salad on Mini Croissants Served with Lettuce, Raspberry Vinaigrette, & Granola

Fresh Fruit Presentation

BLT Caesar, our Caesar Salad, with Crisp Bacon, Cherry Tomatoes, Shaved Parmesan and Garlic Croutons

Cinnamon Sugar Donut Muffins

(Serves 10) $310.00

Traditional Easter Dinner

Spring Salad
Baby Spinach and Mixed Greens, Mandarin Oranges, Blueberries, Sliced Almonds and Goat Cheese with a Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette

Potato Latkes

Grilled Asparagus with Olive Oil and Lemon Zest

Select your protein:

Molasses Glazed Ham with Honey Mustard
Salmon Wellington with Artichoke Hearts, Mushroom, Leeks and Sun-Dried Tomatoes wrapped in Puff Pastry with Mustard Dill

Potato Yeast Rolls and Butter

8” Carrot Cake

(Serves 8-10) $220.00

Easter Desserts

Easter Decorated Cakes
(Choose the following décor for your specialty easter cake)
Choice of cake flavors and fillings with sweet white buttercream, traditional buttercream or sweet white icing
6” Cake $45.00 / 8” cake 55.00 / 10” Cake $85.00

Easter Catering Menu - Speckled Blue Robins Egg Cake

Speckled Blue Robins Egg Cake

Easter Catering Menu - Yellow Chick Cake

Yellow Chick Cake

Easter Catering Menu - Easter Cake

Easter Cake
with the coconut grass and little colorful robin eggs on top

Easter Catering Menu - Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake

Easter Catering Menu - Bunny Cake

Bunny Cake
6″ $50.00

Easter Decorated Cupcakes
$4.00 each Standard Size
$1.50 each Mini
Flavors: Chocolate, Yellow, Coconut -or- Lemon
Two flavors per dozen

Award Winning Desserts

Almond Pound Bundt Cake $60.00
Served with Pastry Cream and Strawberry Sauce

Chocolate Mousse Pie $60.00
Chocolate Crust filled with Chocolate Mousse and Whipped Cream Border

Fresh Fruit Tart $60.00
Tart Crust filled with Pastry Cream and Fresh Fruit

Key Lime Pie $60.00
Graham Cracker Crust with Lime Mousse and Whipped Cream Border

Pineapple Upside Down Cake $35.00
Sponge-Like Cake baked with Pineapple and Cherries

8” Polar Bear Cake $50.00
Coconut Cake with Lemon Curd Filing and Marshmallow Icing

Easter Catering Menu March 18, 2015